Now Fronting...

Sol / Soleil / Solipses It / Ask 24

polyfragmented DID system of 100+

disabled, white, trans-misogyny exempt (TME)
collectively genderfluid & lesbian or gay (depending on gender identity at the time)

please refer to me as the current active fronter!
if two or more alters are listed, refer to the first one listed!

i am diagnosed & in treatment
not all alters will be listed here for privacy

if we're friends, please ask me if you want the password to my alter list!

Other Info

if you get the page's password, do not share it with anyone. please respect my privacy

if no alter is shown to be fronting, refer to me with my collective name & pronouns

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! i know a lot about OSDDID, and i'm always willing to educate or share info about my own experiences


Currently Feeling...
The current mood of 1tb at


alter list
collective about guestbook more links


fluxbuddy solipses foggyiand nlflhelm
foggyIand + nlflhelm are friends only!
nlflhelm is 18+!